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The materials listed below are cross-referenced across the other pages of this website, except for the rare instance in which they did not fit neatly within another category.  If you’re looking for lesson plan ideas, look no further!



Lesson 1 – Borders: Metaphors and Realities

Lesson 2 – Border History

Lesson 3 – Language: Border, Bridge, or Barrier?

Lesson 4 – Bilingualism  and Spanglish: A Way of Speaking, A Way of Thinking

Lesson 5 – Border Identity: AngloChicaNorteña

Lesson 6 – Borders Within: Social Interaction on the Border

Lesson 7 – Cultural Borders: Similarities, Differences, Influence

Lesson 8 – Crossing the Border: Practicalities

Lesson 9 – The Border Goes to Hollywood

Lesson 10 – The Border in News Media

Lesson 11 – Mapping the Border

Lesson 12 – Border Math

Lesson 13 – Border Music

Lesson 14 – Border Teatro

Lesson 15 – Border Legends, Myth & Folklore

Lesson 16 – Border Icons

Lesson 17 – Border Sports: Bullfighting

Lesson 18 – Border Forum

Lesson 19 – Border Poetry / Writing Workshop

Lesson 20 – Border Project

Understanding Mexican Youth Today: Twentieth Century to Present


Why Has Mexico Been Unable to Reap the Rewards of Globalization?

Trade in Colonial America / NAFTA

Understanding the Colonial Economy


Rethinking Columbus (LAII Educator’s Guide)

The Spanish Conquest of Mexico and La Llorona

Two Worlds Meet – The Spanish Conquest of Mexico

The Threads of Memory – Spain and the United States

Multiple Perspectives on the Spanish Invasion of Mexico

The Conquest of Mexico: Past and Present Views

The Conquest of Mexico:


Reflective Essay


For Teachers

For Students



Narrative Overviews

Some Interpretive Ideas

Malinche: Indian Princess or Slavish Whore?

The Conquest of Mexico: An Overview

Divisions and Conflicts between the Tlaxacalans and the Mexicas

Religious Conflicts in the Conquest of Mexico

The Narváez Expedition

The Reconquest of Mexico (June 30, 1520-August 13, 1521)

Contrast and Comparison Exercises

The Cholula Massacre (Mexica and Spanish Versions)

The Cholula Massacre (Mexica and Tlaxcalan Versions)

Cortés Meets Moctezuma (Mexica and Spanish Versions)

Moctezuma Arrested (Mexica and Spanish Versions)

Spaniards Demand Gold (Mexica and Spanish Versions)

Massacre at Festival of Tóxcatl (Mexica and Spanish Versions)

Death of Moctezuma (Two Spanish Versions: Cortés and Díaz del Castillo)

The Night of Sorrows (Mexica and Spanish Versions)

Spaniards Use of Brigantines (Mexica and Spanish Versions)

Mexicas Sacrifice Spaniards and Horses (Mexica and Spanish Versions)

Spaniards Try a Catapult (Mexica and Spanish Versions)

Spaniards Reconquer Mexico (Mexica and Spanish Versions)

Image Exercises

The Columbian Exchange

The Columbian Exchange

Understanding the Columbian Exchange

Columbian Exchange

Assessing Primary Sources in the Conquest of Mexico

Spanish Conquest

Understanding the Colonial Economy


Learning from Photos (Bracero worker program)

Becoming Part of the United States

Classroom Companion

Crossing the Border: A Study of Immigration Through Literature

Destination America (KNME)

Hispanic Immigration: America in the Year 2000

Immigration Myths

Learning from Documents

Mexican American Labor in the United States

Todos Somos Americanos

Tracing the Route of a Bracero

Tripping Through North America



Covering the News Media: Activity Ideas 

The Mexican Drug Wars, on Twitter: Using Social Media for Social Action

News in the Classroom

Narratives and Literature

Ballad of Esequiel Hernandez

New Americans on PBS

Vamos a Leer: Teaching Latin America Through Literature/Literacy

Visual Representations

Visual Resources for Teaching about Latin American and Border Studies

David Alfaro Siquiero  – Who Am I?: Self-Portraits in Art and Writing

The Mexican Muralist Movement

Themes and Dreams in Chicano Art Teaching Guide for Grades 9-12

Diego Rivera: Art as the Universal Language

Artistic Expression

A Likely and Unlikely Match: Frida and Diego

Culture in Art

José Clemente Orozco: The Epic of American Civilization

Learning from Photos (Bracero worker program)

Physical Landscapes

Blogging Pedagogy: Mapping Arguments

Borders and Boundaries

Boundary Ballads

Lesson Plan: A Place in Time with Google Tools – The Impact of Photography

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  1. […] Lessons & Activities.  About immigration from Mexico and the Mexico-U.S. border. This subject is what I most would like to teach because there are so many Mexican children who do not know the heritage of their parents and what they have endured and what they endure now to work and live here. […]

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